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About ForeningsMentor International

At ForeningsMentor International we seek to help children and adolescents from age six to seventeen towards an active leisure time by enrolling in a Danish association.

In Denmark there is a strong tradition of engaging in the Danish association life, which is very much run by volunteers. The associations offer a multitude of different activities such as sports, art, music, and scouting. These opportunities are utilized by a lot of Danish children and families.

Engaging in associations does not only enrich your child with an active lifestyle, but can also serve as an expansion of their social relations and is a great opportunity to form friendships. As an international family in Denmark this is a popular way of engaging in Danish culture and society. Enrollment in Danish associations is also a great way of developing your child’s Danish language skills.  

How does ForeningsMentor International help?

At ForeningsMentor we offer our help in the following ways:

Remote help by phone or email

We can direct you and your child to the right club or association depending on what piques their interest - may it be football, swimming, music or something completely different. We can help you translate the association webpage, tell you how to get in contact with the association, and show you how to become a member - and if you have any questions on practical issues or unwritten customs when joining a Danish association, we will help you answer those too.

Get a more personal guidance

If you and your child need more help than, it is possible for your child to get a personal mentor. The mentor is a volunteer who will meet with you and your child, help you find the right activity and association, and prepare the association for a new member. Should you find it helpful, he or she may accompany you and your child to the activity the first couple of times until you feel comfortable going on your own.

You don't need to decide what kind of help you need beforehand. This assesment can be made as we talk more about what you need.

All our mentors must produce a certificate of no criminal record. Furthermore, they are prepared to work with children and well informed of Save the Children’s visitation and child protection policy, which constitutes the guidelines of social interaction between mentor and child.

Reasons why your child should join an association

New friends

Your child will develop its social and language skills through interactions with other children.

Same interests

Your child will meet other children with common interests.


Your child will gain insight into Danish traditions and customs while having fun. 

Would you like our help?

Feel free to contact us using the information below or follow the link and fill out the form. We would be happy to help you find the right activity for your child!

If using the form, you will hear from us within the next days. Signing up is non-binding and we will only help you as much as you need.

If you are unsure of whether ForeningsMentor Internation is for you or you have any further questions, please feel free to give us a call. 


ForeningsMentor International

Jakob Østergaard Bjerg

Mail: jaob@aarhus.dk

Telefon: 21353755


ForeningsMentor International is a project in the municipality of Aarhus. We collaborate with Aarhus International School (AIS).